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Motul Suzuki’s Matt Moss finished his ideal season on Friday at Brisbane Entertainment Center. Greenery, who won the MX1 Australian Motocross Championship prior in the year, secured his second in a row Penrite Australian SUpercross Championship in the wake of fitting the bill for the primary. Greenery went ahead to prevail upon the headliner Adam Monea and Sam Martin.

In SX2, American Gavin Faith won his second vocation title, his first since 2012, with his second place wrap up. Taylor Potter won the headliner Friday in front of Faith and Hayden Mellross. Kindred American Kyle Peters completed eighth on Friday.

Our companions at MotoOnline.com.au have the full report:

Group Motul Suzuki’s Matt Moss made it an ideal season in the 2014 Penrite Australian Supercross Championship to secure consecutive SX1 titles today around evening time at Brisbane Entertainment Center.

Greenery, who not long ago asserted a moment MX1 title in progression outside, raged from the back-portion of the field in the 12-rider headliner to take a characterizing triumph.

In a standout amongst the most overwhelming seasons on record, Moss sewed up the arrangement before in the night by meeting all requirements for the headliner and picking up a top notch focuses advantage.

Photograph: Marc Jones Photography

“I need to express profound gratitude to Brisbane fans for coming, however for me it’s been an extraordinary year and I can’t request any better – a decisive victory,” Moss said.

“This is a dreamlike inclination, I sense that I’m in the pinnacle of my profession and I need to go race in America to do Australia pleased.

“I got hit in the primary corner, however then I could see the pioneers, put the mallet down and went ahead. I saw Jess [Foreman] waving me on, I knew I could win this and we arrived at last.”

Behind Moss was Adam Monea (NPS Monster Energy Kawasaki), who drove the mid-organizes before Moss advanced through, and fixed second in the title in the wake of entering the end of the week tied with Lawson Bopping (Team Motul Suzuki).

Adjusting the platform was Victorian privateer Sam Martin (Suzuki) in what was his second-vocation SX1 platform following Phillip Island last season. He pushed out early pioneer Daniel McCoy – who was a quick starter all night on his private Yamaha – and adolescent Jesse Dobson (KTM Motocross Racing Team).

Another rider to keep running in advance in the early laps was Josh Cachia (Husqvarna Motocross Racing Team), in the long run completing 6th, with Bopping, Kirk Gibbs (KTM Motocross Racing Team), Kade Mosig (DPH Motorsport Yamaha) and Robbie Marshall (Honda) balancing the best 10.

In the title it was Moss who beat the platform over Monea and Bopping, who was doing combating for position until the point that a mid-race botch set him withdraw the request.

In his last proficient appearance Jay Marmont (Penrite Honda) had a night to overlook, slamming before attempting to restart and in the end dropping out of the race.

The SX2 title went to American Gavin Faith, who added the 2014 title to his past title caught in 2012 for Penrite Honda.

“I escaped shape a few times and went down on the principal lap, however I’m super-pumped to wrap it up for Penrite Honda and for every one of the fans who turned out this evening,” Faith remarked.

Confidence drove the opening lap yet soon went down, which gave Ryan Marmont (Husqvarna Motocross Racing Team) the lead for the opening five laps previously he went down not long after, giving Taylor Potter (Boardstix Motorsport Honda) the lead simultaneously.

From that point Potter charged to an unchallenged triumph, driving home Faith and Hayden Mellross (Raceline Suzuki), who made it two platform consecutively before he heads to the US for rivalry one week from now.

“This is extraordinary – the main win of my entire vocation,” Potter said. “I gave it my everything, went to the States and here I am currently. Ideally I can backpedal and give it another great split for 2015 with this win added to my repertoire!”

Behind the platform it was Dylan Long (BBF Motorsport KTM) who charged to fourth, in front of Geran Stapleton (Raceline Pirelli Suzuki).

Marmont remounted for 6th in what could be his last fulltime excursion, the field balanced by Jackson Richardson (Honda), Kyle Peters (Wilson MX Honda), his colleague Luke Wilson and Kale Makeham (Tunetech Racing KTM).

Brenden Harrison (Instant Security KTM) left with a broken leg, while warm race pace-setter Luke Arbon (SD3 Husqvarna) – appearing a 250F – was additionally a non-finisher after he was constrained over a berm in the beginning periods.

Photograph: Marc Jones Photography

Potter’s win saw him sneak past Peters for second in the title behind Faith, making it a Honda clear for the CRF250R this season.

In the SXD class Dylan Wills (KTM Newcastle) set forward a perfect execution to secure the generally and title, winning the opening two races and after that cruising to second in the last race of the season.

“It’s mind blowing to think a half year prior I was perched on the parlor with a broken leg, yet we pushed through and here we are,” Wills said. “Much thanks to you to everybody that encourages us – I’m euphoric, it’s so great and I’m simply extremely cheerful.”

Wills won the in general from Tom Ravenhorst (KTM), champ of the last race in another solid appearing, while Aaron Tanti (Sutto’s/SS Racing KTM) finished the general platform.

Past red plate holder Jack Simpson (Davey Motorsport KTM) had an appalling night, succumbing to various first hand occurrences over a less than ideal off-night and in the long run winding up fifth in general for the round.

Jordan Hill wrapped up the Junior Lites title for Yamaha Junior Racing with the generally speaking from Kaleb Barham and Lachlan Barham. In the arrangement it was Hill over Lachlan Holroyd and Travis Silk finishing the main three.

2014 Penrite Australian Supercross Championship

Cycle five – Brisbane, QLD

SX1 headliner comes about:

1. Matt MOSS

2. Adam MONEA


4. Daniel McCOY

5. Jesse DOBSON

6. Josh CACHIA

7. Lawson BOPPING

8. Kirk GIBBS

9. Kade MOSIG

10. Robbie MARSHALL

11. Kieren TISDALE


SX1 title standings:

1. Matt MOSS 175

2. Adam MONEA 150

3. Lawson BOPPING 142

4. Kirk GIBBS 137

5. Jesse DOBSON 121

6. Josh CACHIA 113

7. Kade MOSIG 111

8. Jay MARMONT 104

9. Justin CARAFA 94

10. Chris CAMILLERI 81

11. Sam MARTIN 74

12. Daniel McCOY 70

13. Jake MOSS 68

14. Kieren TISDALE 56

15. Keith TUCKER 53

16. Tim VARE 49

17. James BOOTH-ELLIOT 43

18. Joel NEWTON 36

19. Sam MARTIN 30

20. Robbie MARSHALL 21

SX2 headliner comes about:

1. Taylor POTTER

2. Gavin FAITH

3. Hayden MELLROSS

4. Dylan LONG




8. Kyle PETERS

9. Luke WILSON

10. Kale MAKEHAM

DNF. Brenden Harrison

DNF. Luke Arbon

SX2 title standings:

1. Gavin FAITH 167

2. Taylor POTTER 144

3. Kyle PETERS 140

4. Hayden MELLROSS 137

5. Kale MAKEHAM 125

6. Ryan MARMONT 118

7. Brendan HARRISON 112

8. Geran STAPLETON 103

9. Luke WILSON 99

10. Jackson RICHARDSON 96

11. Luke ARBON 95

12. John PRUTTI 91

13. Boyd HOCKING 79

14. Tristan DUNCAN 75

15. Jake WILLIAMS 70

16. Jake VELLA 50

17. Dylan LONG 43

18. Scratch SUTHERLAND 43

19. Dylan LONG 28

20. Lewis WOODS 26

SXD general outcomes:

1. Dylan WILLS 102

2. Tomas RAVENHORST 97

3. Aaron TANTI 88

4. Izak MAULE 84

5. Jack SIMPSON 82

6. Brock McLEARY 75

7. Connor RICE 69

8. Miles CLISSOLD 68

9. Dylan WILSON 48

SXD title standings:

1. Dylan WILLS 475

2. Jack SIMPSON 459

3. Brock McLEARY 436

4. Tomas RAVENHORST 431

5. Aaron TANTI 396

6. Izak MAULE 388

7. Trent WHEATLEY 290

8. Blake SOLA 119

9. Tim O’BRIEN 118

10. Connor RICE 69

11. Miles CLISSOLD 68

12. Dylan WILSON 48

Junior Lites general outcomes:

1. Jordan HILL 95

2. Kaleb BARHAM 94

3. Lachlan HOLROYD 89

4. Anthony REGINA 82

5. Travis SILK 77

6. Jesse BISHOP 76

7. Joel CIGLIANO 75

8. Drew CIGLIANO 72

9. Fraser HIGLETT 69

10. Jacob BUCKMAN 69

Junior Lites title standings:

1. Jordan HILL 503

2. Lachlan HOLROYD 464

3. Travis SILK 431

4. Drew CIGLIANO 375

5. Joel CIGLIANO 372

6. Dylan DUKES 352

7. Kaleb GROTHUES 158

8. Bradley CAIN 144

9. Kaleb BARHAM 94

10. Jacob BUCKMAN 92

11. Anthony REGINA 82

12. Jesse BISHOP 76

13. Jimmy GRIFFIN 76

14. Fraser HIGLETT 69

15. Dylan WAKARTSCHUK 69

16. Tyler DERBY 68