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6D Helmets Have The Winning Edge

The specialists at 6D caps have utilized the best in the business to create the best protective caps. 6D will likely build up a progressive plan idea using imaginative, groundbreaking innovation that would change the market and enhance the security capacities of the earth bicycle protective cap. 6D’s restrictive licensed Omni-Directional Suspension framework gives assurance capacities unmatched by some other motocross head protector or innovation.

The architects at 6D Helmets are changing the protective cap industry with their one of a kind advancements and innovative innovation. The organization is under five years of age, yet is as of now making goliath walks in cap innovation and security. They will likely furnish riders with predominant motocross protective caps, both as far as security and plan. This objective has been met with each new line of 6D soil bicycle head protectors since the organization was established in 2012.

6D has turned out to be known for furnishing the business with significant head protector outlines. Supporting riders, for example, Christian Craig, Jimmy Decotis, and whatever remains of the Geico Honda group; these head protectors are trusted by the best. These expert competitors put stock in 6D to secure their heads, the clients do likewise.


6D protective caps is delivering the best head protectors in motocross. One case of this is their new ATR-1 Carbon Helmet. The new 6D ATR 1 Carbon head protector is the highest point of the line. Accessible in 3 shading choices, this head protector is up-to-date, smooth, and defensive. This protective cap highlights crisis discharge cheek cushions, perch watch, 8 admission ports, CoolMax hostile to bacterial texture, and a professionally built sternum cushion. This head protector additionally surpasses ECE. Spot, AU, and AC guidelines. The best part, this 6D protective cap just weighs 1520g.


Also, there are more choices of this protective cap. Rather than the carbon choice, 6D gives a composite adaptation of this head protector too. The new ATR-1 Macro Helmet is additional evidence that 6D makes the most innovatively progressed motocross protective caps available. This protective cap is additionally accessible in more hues choices. Having comparable highlights to the carbon form, this cap has remarkable execution. Albeit marginally heavier than the carbon rendition at 1525g, this cap is viable in security and worn by experts.


Does 6D deliver motocross protective caps, as well as their innovation bounteously floods into cycling. Presenting 6D’s ATB 1T MTB head protector; this cap accompanies a 1-year guarantee and contains security highlights unparalleled. Fusing a similar innovation represented in the motocross protective cap, the cycling head protector likewise utilizes Omni-directional suspension.

In like manner, 6D offers back to the game of motocross. Having demonstrated much help to experts, 6D additionally offers loves to novice riders. Supporting riders, for example, Hayden Deegan (@Dangerboydeegan) , and Liam Everts; these are only two cases of how 6D is developing the game of motocross.