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The #18 to Green in 2015

After a colossally fruitful 2013 Supercross season, Davi Millsaps sat out the 2014 hustling season because of wounds. Reports of DM18 moving to another bicycle orbited the pits all through Supercross and ahead of schedule in the Outdoor arrangement. Where might he arrive? All things considered, the sheet has been pulled away and it would seem that the #18 will be on a green bicycle for one year from now. Reports have Millsaps joining the Factory Kawasaki group, taking the tricky recognize that is right now (or not as of now, contingent upon what you look like at things) possessed by the 4x Supercross champ, Ryan Villopoto.

The main gets that are an unchangeable reality for DM18 is his change to Kawasaki and his 100% goggles. Would we be able to see the Davi Millsaps that had a breakout year in 2013? The truth will surface eventually.