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2014 Supercross San Diego SX Preview

The Monster Energy Supercross arrangement travels south to America’s Greatest City, San Diego for cycle 6 of the 2014 season. While the climate is looking wet for Friday, Saturday ought to be dry and the hustling ought to energize! With this present end of the week’s hustling being “Military Appreciation”, we are certain to see a ton of cammo illustrations and rigging. How about we investigate the contenders from the 250SX class and 450SX class going in to this present end of the week’s race:

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250SX Preview (Mike B.):

Dignitary Wilson getting his first win in 2014.

Senior member Wilson – Wilson at long last snatched his first win for himself, as well as for the whole Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki squad. In an arrangement that hoped to be ruled by Cole Seely and Jason Anderson in the initial couple of rounds, Dean Wilson has since ventured up his diversion and acknowledged the test. Dignitary qualified speediest of the day (450’s incorporated) and looked madly quick in his warmth. Seely seemed to surround another win until the point when he went down in the whoops permitting Wilson (a couple of moments back) to get by and do what needs to be done. His certainty is high now in the wake of running in advance two ends of the week consecutively – it would seem that we can expect platform here on out from Dean Wilson.

Cole Seely – Seely was so close by and by and let the win fall through his fingertips. That is three races now that Seely was in dispute for the win until the point that a crash or last lap pass happened. He must be grateful that he could rescue a second place complete in the wake of going down. With Anderson completing behind him, they now have an offer of the focuses lead making a beeline for San Diego. You can most likely anticipate that Seely will go for the W and opening up a focuses lead as they head into the break. It ought to be noticed that by and by, Seely set the quickest lap in the headliner out of the two classes. Simply saying…

Cooper Webb keeps on inspiring.

Cooper Webb – This child is certainly inspiring use to beginning close to the front and completing on the platform. An awesome begin to his freshman crusade, Webb sits in fourth place only 3 focuses in front of Justin Hill. Hope to see him running in the best 5 on the regs.

Justin Hill – Justin began in eighth place and energized his way into fourth before the finish of the race. Another extraordinary complete for Hill who was only one spot off of his platform complete a week ago. Things are certainly getting all the more fascinating with various riders possessing the best 5. I truly think if the cards are to support him, Justin MIGHT have the capacity to pull off a win before the finish of the season.

Jason Anderson – Tough fortunes for the arrangement pioneer, yet he dealt with it with class. He and Malcolm met up with Anderson getting the considerably shorter end of the stick. He got up, put his head down and charged hard passing Malcolm back with a spotless move onto the straight begin, rescuing a fifth place wrap up. Anderson waved Malcolm over after the race and they occupied with a few words, finishing with Anderson broadening his hand first for a handshake. He now sits tied in the focuses lead with Cole Seely heading into San Diego. Difficult to state who will win these next couple of races however between Seely, Anderson, and Wilson, it will come down to a decent begin and keeping it on two wheels.

Malcolm Stewart – Two weeks consecutively now, Malcolm has been tangled up in a type of a wreck, this time with the previously mentioned Jason Anderson. His feature of the night needed to have been his warmth race win, holding off a charging Jason Anderson until the checkered banner. In any case, Malcolm remains “the best TLD rider that isn’t named Cole Seely” and sits seventh in focuses, 8 focuses in front of colleague Jessy Nelson.

Jake Canada movin’ on up particle the field…

Jake Canada – It was magnificent to see Canada start in advance – he came around in third place before the finish of the main lap and remained there for a large portion of the race. He is by all accounts enhancing as the weeks pass by and looks better on the bicycle. On the off chance that he can get those main 5 begins, you can hope to see Canada in the best 7 and possibly higher.

Shane McElrath – Nothing conspicuous yet McElrath continues completing it top 10 wraps up. Strong and reliable rides for the new kid on the block; search for him to proceed with his string of best 10 completes in San Diego.

Jessy Nelson – Another week and another best 10 complete for the Troy Lee Designs Honda rider. It would have been pleasant to see him enhance his seventh place complete yet at any rate he is remaining in the main 10 week in and week out. In the event that he continues riding the way he will be, he ought to stay in the best 10 for the rest of the year, in spite of the fact that I’m certain he is tingling to split the main 5.

Dakota Tedder – A3 denoted Tedder’s first best 10 complete of the year! The privateer began around seventh and hung on for 15 laps to quit for the day a strong tenth place wrap up. How about we check whether he can keep up the pace with the production line riders and enhance his complete in San Diego.


450SX Preview (Chris W):

Chad Reed is demonstrating he isn’t cleaned up.

Chad Reed – Two out of three for Chad Reed at Anaheim this year. That is great for a rider that everybody tallied out before the season began. Reed’s win at A2 was more noteworthy in the reality he snatched the lead toward the begin and held off the charging Ken Roczen(who won A1). Chad looks positive about the Kawasaki and has appeared to the field he is in it for the Championship. We should see business as usual from Speedy Reedy in San Diego and should arrive on the platform.

Ken Roczen – Roczen looked scandalous and smooth at A2. His bicycle is looking tons superior to Ryan Dungey through the whoops, which influences me to think Roczen is a superior test rider than the Dunge.

Ryan Villopoto – Anaheim isn’t RV’s most loved place. While he looked great, he didn’t look as agreeable as he did in Oakland. That could be on account of the soil at Anaheim has no footing and RV can’t push in the corners. The soil in San Diego is comparative, however for the most part is more shabby than Anaheim, so we should see Villopoto push more.

Arg, my eyes! That rigging… .

Justin Barcia – Barcia came in to Anaheim with another look. He trim his long hair and looked clean shaven. Could this be the explanation behind his fourth place ride at Anaheim 3? Barcia took a gander at A3 and pushed through the field for his best complete this season. Much the same as RV, I think once the arrangement moves to tackier earth, we will see Barcia in advance. All things considered, I don’t care for that Alpinestars adapt.

Weston Peick – This is potentially second best story from A3. Peick exchanging out of his warmth and after that assaults the track to complete best 5! While his bicycle has been inconsistent, Peick has turned a corner and is presently doing combating inside the main 10. For whatever length of time that his bicycle remains together, this person is for genuine in 2014!

Justin Brayton – Brayton needs another awesome race simply like he had in Phoenix to get his wheels moving once more. While he is riding admirably, he isn’t setting the race world ablaze as he completed a couple of rounds prior. Could San Diego be that defining moment?

James Stewart before being punted by #angrydungey

James Stewart – Stewart was one of the modest bunch of riders that I felt had his bicycle dialed for the whoops. He stalled out in fourth and just couldn’t push. It was all going as arranged until #angrydungy changed all that with a takeout move that one could state was thoughtless. San Diego we could see a more decided Stewart, the one we saw at Anaheim 1.

Jake Weimer – A calm eighth place ride for Weimer at A3.

Andrew Short remaining solid this season.

Andrew Short – Short keeps on keeping the best ten streak bursting at the seams with a ninth at A3. That is an accomplishment this year that exclusive four different riders have accomplished(Villopoto, Reed, Roczen, Brayton). He combat softened spokes up his front wheel at A3, and if the BTO Sports-KTM-WPS rider can push in San Diego, we should see him somewhere inside the main 10 once more, perhaps rehashing his seventh place from Phoenix.

Ivan Tedesco – While the Short versus Tedesco fight didn’t occur at A3, Tedesco rode to his season best complete on board the KTM 350SX-F! Many said that moving to the littler bicycle would hurt him, however he has demonstrated that the 350 works for him.

Different Notes:

Ryan Dungey A3

Ryan Dungey went down hard in the whoops

Ryan Dungey – #angrydungey was out in full power at A3, taking out James Stewart amid the fundamental. Dungey would go down hard in the whoops, detaching his hold and grip get together, in the long run compelling him to resign. One thing is without a doubt, Dungey’s bicycle doesn’t look so agreeable as the other KTM’s on the track. Could this be the purpose behind the #angrydungey disorder?

Matt Goerke – Matt keeps on battling with riding without a grip finger. His A1 occurrence with Matt Moss where his finger was at first broken has disabled Goerke’s solid rides from a year ago. It will take a couple of more adjusts before we see “Meat” go on a destroy and blend it in the best ten.

JGRMX will use their sub rider, Phil Nicoletti this end of the week in San Diego, as he will race for the harmed Josh Grant. Concede endured a torn muscle in his shoulder amid the Phoenix, Ariz. occasion on Jan.11. Continuously a decided contender Grant has attempted to race through the agony since, however it has turned out to be exceptionally troublesome. He and the group feel that resting and mending so he can recapture his speed and quality before dashing again is the best choice.