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2014 Supercross Phoenix SX Preview

\After the wild opening round of the Supercross season a weekend ago at Anaheim, the arrangement makes it’s stop in Phoenix, AZ as Chase Field has the second round of the 2014 season. How about we see the field going in to cycle 2:

450SX Preview (Doc):

Roczen sang “Shook you like a typhoon” to the field at A1.

Ken Roczen – Roczen shocked everybody by going out and winning Anaheim 1. Almost certainly he was quick throughout the day, yet to go out and serving notice by winning is an outcry point. Hope to see business as usual this end of the week in Phoenix. Roczen is on point at this moment and it appears. Expectation: third

Ryan Dungey – Dungey rode a decent race, being at the correct spot at the perfect time. Dungey riding is smooth and enduring, but somewhat exhausting on occasion. He needs to turn up the hostility factor in the event that he needs to stay aware of his colleague Roczen and hold off the (red)bull charging James Stewart. Forecast: fifth

Chad Reed – Is Reed back? With a platform on his first ride on the Kawasaki, I’d say so.Reed looked certain on the green bicycle, and demonstrated a revived look on the track. While he got go by Ryan Dungey later on in the race, he looked forceful. Could Phoenix see Reed battling for the lead? Possibly.Prediction: fourth

Ryan Villopoto – Villopoto snatched the early lead in the principle, yet his front end washed out and that was that for RV. Starting there, the entire race dynamic changed. RV settled in to fifth place and couldn’t push to get the front pack. Try not to anticipate that Villopoto will commit a similar error this end of the week in Phoenix. He is pissed at the world and will charge hard from the drop of the entryway. Expectation: second

The “Most noticeably awful Dressed” honor goes to… Justin Barcia.

Justin Barcia – Don’t think this will be the Barcia we will see this season. The best A1 qualifier had a frightful begin in the primary and just couldn’t recoup. Is it accurate to say that it was the track, or would he say he was diverted by the chrome stars on his pullover? Barcia won in Phoenix a year ago, and he has the speed to take the win again this year. Expectation: sixth

Justin Brayton – Brayton rode a decent race and energized to his sixth place wrap up. A decent, strong ride from the JGRMX rider and I expect business as usual at Phoenix. Forecast: tenth

Will JG33 make the move in Phoenix?

Josh Grant – Josh Grant, much the same as his colleague, rode a strong race. Allow can possibly turn it up at whatever point he needs and could be the sleeper of the year. I wouldn’t exclude him amid Phoenix this end of the week. Forecast: eighth

Broc Tickle – A great begin helped Tickle to complete inside the main ten. A greatly improved execution than a year ago, where he was simply “there.” He is a predictable rider however he needs to locate that internal “Rough” to make them move to the front.

Short is Solid… strong as a stone.

Andrew Short – The BTO Sports-KTM-WPS rider had a strong ride at A1. I would anticipate that him will push further in to the main ten in Phoenix, as he turns out to be more agreeable and sure about his race set-up. Shorty is in a decent spot rationally, and that implies strong rides. Forecast: seventh

Jake Weimer – With the way Weimer’s A1 went, he will take the tenth place wrap up. A tangle with Vince Friese in the warmth race left him with a crunked elbow that didn’t help him. Weimer is superior to tenth, yet in this field he should work twofold time to get inside the main ten at Phoenix.

Stewart is another rider. Trust me, he is.

James Stewart – Stewart was no uncertainty the quickest rider in the field at A1. He had everybody’s number. There’s something else about JS7 this year, be that as it may. He looks more in charge and more key, as he took 15 laps to charge for the lead. Be that as it may, he yard sale’d himself, you say? He did, yet the JS7 that we as a whole observed wasn’t the same as years past. He bet and lost. While he went down hard, he went down changing for the lead. From what I saw at A1, James Stewart will win Phoenix Saturday night and more races this season. Expectation: first

Phoenix Injury Report (450SX):

– Matt Goerke – A broken grip finger from A1. He had minor surgery recently and is a race-day choice for Phoenix.

– Eli Tomac – A rotator sleeve issue to his left side shoulder thumped him out of A1 and he will settle on a race day choice for Phoenix.

– Shane Sewell – A broken foot from A1 removes Shane from Phoenix.

– Trey Canard – Still out with a broken arm, however reports that he may be back for Dallas.

– Davi Millsaps – A torn ACL before the season has Millsaps on the sidelines.


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250SX Preview (Mike B.):

SX season is formally in progress and what an energizing method to begin the year!! Jason Anderson endeavored to pass Seely with 2 corners left and did as such in sensational mold. Those two put on a riding facility and completely left whatever remains of the field behind. We should investigate the best 10 finishers from A1 and see what’s in store for them in Phoenix.

Jason Anderson had the “Right Stuff” at A1

Jason Anderson – With just a single win added to his repertoire (Salt Lake City a year ago), Anderson appeared to A1 and created an impression. Same group, new bicycle, and took the win in sensational mold. He was passed right off the bat yet held tight and utilized the lappers further bolstering his good fortune. His pass on Seely was daring, however I figure anybody in his circumstance would have done likewise. I anticipate that Cole and Jason will swap spots all year.

Cole Seely – The expression all over after he crossed the end goal said everything – he everything except had that race won with just two corners to go. I think Cole demonstrated to everybody that watched that race he was the FASTEST person on the track – at last it simply didn’t work out. He rode smooth and looked greatly agreeable on the bicycle. He will be up there all year, and I think a win in Phoenix is well inside his sights.

Zach Osborne – Osborne demonstrated somewhere in the range of steadiness out there engaging forward and backward with Dean Wilson and in the long run improving of him. Zach looked great yet was a stage behind the two pioneers at A1. Osborne has never won a SX race and this year may be there year for him, similarly as it was a year ago for Anderson. Expect a main 5 complete at Phoenix.

Would dean be able to Wilson make the charge in Phoenix?

Dignitary Wilson – Wilson rode a respectable race, yet simply didn’t have it for Osborne at last. His lap times were straight up there with every other person – with the primary race off the beaten path, I figure everybody can settle down now that the buildup is finished. Phoenix is a radical new week and keeping in mind that I don’t figure he will get the win just yet, I think he is exceptionally fit for a platform wrap up.

Cooper Webb – Top 5 complete in your first SX race ever – not awful by any stretch of the imagination. This child has some genuine speed whether he is on a SX track or an outside track. He certainly profit by Malcolm Stewart’s crash, yet top 5’s and a couple of platform appear to be extremely possible for the SX rook.

Justin Hill – Hill had an awesome warmth race securing second place, however didn’t outwit begins in the fundamental which prompted his sixth place wrap up. I think this is a represent the deciding moment year for Hill who rode well a year ago, yet at the same time hasn’t demonstrated himself as a genuine danger. He’s guaranteeing platform starting now and into the foreseeable future… we’ll see about that.

Darryn Durham – While seventh won’t not look awesome on paper, you need to recollect that Durham hasn’t dashed a SX in a long time. He has won races before and is no more interesting to the platform and I anticipate that him will enhance this outcome in Phoenix. I see a main 5 complete for Darryn and perhaps a platform relying upon how everything unfurls.

Malcolm Stewart with the fears

Malcolm Stewart – Another extraordinary ride that will go unnoticed in the event that you simply take a gander at the outcomes sheet. Malcolm took the best spot and his warmth race and hoped to convey the energy into the fundamental. He kept running inside the best 5 the distance until the point that he kept running into another rider who was at that point down in the sand area.

Jessy Nelson – A ninth place at A1 is not a huge deal yet looking forward, it is something that Nelson is extremely fit for enhancing. I think the whole TLD group will be an overwhelming power this year – I hope to see Nelson and whatever is left of their group well inside the main 10 this year.

Austin Politelli – A main 10 complete for a fella that isn’t on any of the processing plant groups that the previously mentioned riders are. Shockingly Austin endured a softened femur up training this week which will be a noteworthy misfortune for the “privateer.”

Different notes:

– Zach Bell completed a race, regardless of whether he crashed a couple of times. I extremely like this child, however it’s hard not to call attention to the way that he crashes constantly.

– TLD tenderfoot Shane McElrath completed an unremarkable sixteenth.

– Factory KTM rider Dean Ferris completed simply outside the best 10 in eleventh place. I figure he will have his hands full with the Americans until the point when they hit Glen Helen.